Twelve Step Facilitation is a comprehensive program of instructional and self-help materials for individuals suffering from co-occuring disorders. The program is completely faithful to the original 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Twelve Step Facilitation is not a new approach, per se. But it is highly innovative, because it is the first and only approach to build a bridge of understanding between the individual program of action and the requirements of treatment.

At the core of Twelve Step Facilitation is a clear, concise, and correctly-sequenced explanation of the 12 Steps - uniquely presented in a goal-oriented format that guides each individual to an understanding of the problem, the solution, and the plan of action, that leads to recovery.

Why This Program? 
The 12-step fellowships have proven to be a highly effective means of self-help. Yet in the earliest stages of recovery, some are unwilling or unable to get help from a 12-step program. They seek formal treatment, and this is good. 

Most formal treatment programs are effective at helping people, temporarily. The problem occurs when individuals leave the controlled environment of the treatment facility. Still in need of help, they turn to a 12-step fellowship. But the program practiced there may be completely different from the one they relied on in treatment. In fact, it may be completely contradictory. The result is a far greater chance of relapse. 

Twelve Step Facilitation helps people get clean and sober by teaching a proven program that is readily available to them for continuing support after they leave a facility. No new theories. No changes in direction. Continuing recovery through the 12 steps, pure and simple 

12 Step Facilitation