Utilizing external information sources (family, courts, probation, employer, etc.), in-depth individual interviews, and recognized diagnostic testing instruments, a determination is made by an alcohol and drug abuse counselor as to the level and severity of chemical addiction along with a recommendation for the appropriate level of treatment.

Low Intensity Outpatient Program
This education-based program has been designed as a precursor to traditional addiction treatment for a specific target population. The principle target population includes the person identified via assessment as a substance abuser as defined in the DSM IV, those that may be in the early stages of dependency that may have had no previous exposure to chemical dependency education and without previous treatment episode, and/or those that have experienced legal ramifications due to use or abuse of a substance. This consists of a 16 - 20 week treatment cycle which consists of two 90 minute class sessions and three twelve step groups per week. Former clients of Tony Rice Center and persons charged with first time domestic violence,  drug possession, or driving violations where alcohol or drugs were a factor in the incident, are deemed appropriate by TRC for this level of care The focus of treatment includes life skills training, relapse prevention, and assistance in developing a sober support structure via the "12 Step" community. Bi-weekly drug urinalysis is required.

Outreach and Consultation
Staff members are available to provide programs and workshops on alcohol and drug issues for civic, educational and employment groups. Staff members are also available to consult with family, friends and employers on how to handle specific alcohol or drug related problems.

The recovery process does not end when an individual completes our drug rehabilitation programs. Continuing support upon completion of drug and alcohol treatment is the key to a healthy recovery from addiction. Treatment is just the beginning of a lifelong process of growth and recovery in all areas of life that have been affected by drug addiction and alcoholism.
In order to provide a complete, supportive continuum of care, Tony Rice Center provides monthly Aftercare for program graduates. Clients participating in Aftercare have usually completed our residential or outpatient treatment programs. TRC's Aftercare program consists of a monthly group facilitated by an experienced counselor who helps guide clients in their recovery efforts, assisting them in meeting the goals contained in their continuing care plans. Aftercare is a forum in which clients may explore successes, obstacles, and day to day issues that confront them, receiving feedback and support from the group facilitator and other participants.

Tony Rice Center counselors are specifically trained to assist individuals to link  within the community to those services that will best meet their needs. By contacting TRC, an individual  can get referrals to agencies that provide a wide variety of services, such as: housing, counseling, or legal services.Tony Rice center is dedicated to making a difference through community service and partnership.

Substance Abuse Risk Management Consultation Services
Without a Drug Free Workplace, employee performance cannot be predicted and associated expenses cannot be controlled. When substance abuse is in the picture, so are absenteeism, accidents, low morale, high workers comp costs, rising medical costs, theft and violence. Tony Rice Center's Substance Abuse Risk Management Consultation Services is a comprehensive, tightly focused, customizable and dynamic program for containing costs, enhancing productivity and protecting the employment workplace. Services available through this program include development of drug free workplace policies, employee and staff prevention training, drug and alcohol testing, assessment, treatment and referral services

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Outpatient Services
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