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  Planting the seeds of loving care.
Our Mission

The Tony Rice Center recognizes that substance abuse disorders sometimes co-occur with mental health disorders, so it is with this knowledge that the Tony Rice Center endeavors to improve the quality of life for all people with co-occurring disorders in Tennessee. The Tony Rice Center strives to improve these areas by implementing and promoting an advanced treatment strategy that addresses both disorders and also by assuring access to all community-wide behavioral health services.
Our Objectives

1. To maintain a safe and cost efficient rehabilitation center for persons who meet DSM-IV criteria indicating alcohol,drug abuse or dependence and co-occurring mental health related disorders.
2.  To educate the necessary recovery and coping skills most effective with daily living
3.  To promote accountability and a sense of responsibility by the individuals we serve, to their families and community
4.  To assist our clients in obtaining employment and in developing the skills necessary to maintain employment.
Our Staff

Tony Rice Center is staffed with quality and knowledgeable personnel, experienced in providing the latest information regarding addiction. The Counseling staff participates in continuing education that ensures the highest quality of client education in regards to co-occurring disorders and addiction therapy. They serve not only TRC residents, but also the local community as well.